Kashmir: from private kingdom to private jagir

Seventy years have gone by and these refugees now numbering about 1.5 lakh are still on the roadside with neither a nationality, nor an identity, nor a country and nor a domicile. The Centre argues it is the business of the State Government and the State passes on the buck to the Centre. Neither of the two is prepared to accept any responsibility though there is no dearth of lip service

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Ancient temples in the Himalaya reveal signs of past earthquakes

Tilted pillars, cracked steps, and sliding stone canopies in a number of 7th-century A.D. temples in northwest India are among the telltale signs that seismologists are using to reconstruct the extent of some of the region’s larger historic earthquakes. In their report published online July 27 in Seismological Research Letters, Mayank Joshi and V.C. Thakur…

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7 Ways by Which Israel helped Turn Kargil War for India.

Courtesy Hindutva A Blog About Hinduism Large scale intrusions by Pakistan army into the forward areas of Kargil Dras sector in May 1999 tested India’s ability to quickly adapt and fight a low intensity war with a nuclear armed neighbour, s something that country’s armed forces did so brilliantly with active support from Israel, a country best…

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