Naji Khan Naji, a teacher of the upper Chitral, has compiled the 600-page dictionary consisting of about 16,000 words of the language, which is spoken in Chitral district and parts of GB.

First-ever Khowar dictionary launched PESHAWAR: The first-ever dictionary of Khowar language has been launched here with a pledge to work for the promotion of the language. Naji Khan Naji, a retired teacher from Torkhow tehsil of the upper Chitral, has compiled the 600-page dictionary consisting of about 16,000 words of the language, which is overwhelmingly…

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Strong sentiments: G-B govt hopes for successful Shandur festival

GILGIT: The Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) government has expressed hope Shandur Polo Festival would be a success, denying it dispatched people to set up a check post in the area. “We pray for the success of the festival, but there are certain elements wishing to sabotage it,” the G-B government spokesperson, Faizullah Farak, told The Express Tribune on…

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31 swept away as flash floods wreak havoc in Chitral

08:24 AM, 3 Jul, 2016 0

Thirty-one people have died due to heavy rain and flash flood in Drosh area of Chitral.

According to District Administration Chitral, the flood also washed way a mosque and several houses.

Pakistan Army and Chitral Levies are carrying out relief activities in the affected areas.

Expesssing grief and sorrow over the loss of precious lives in the rain and floods, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra directed the authorities concerned to step up rescue and relief measures.

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has directed the National Disaster Management Authority and other concerned departments to step up rescue and relief efforts in the flood-hit areas of Chitral.

In a statement, he said the people who are stranded and flooded away must be reached and rescued.

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High up on a Pakistani mountain, a success story for moderate Islam

Once a hardscrabble Himalayan town where residents barely had enough to eat, Karimabad, in the Hunza Valley, is now one of Pakistan’s most idyllic spots — an oasis of tolerance, security and good schools. That standard of living can be traced to residents’ moderate interpretation of Islam as well as the considerable support from one of the world’s largest charities. A Post on Washington post by Tim Craig is The Post’s bureau chief in Pakistan. He has also covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and within the District of Columbia government.

High up on a Pakistani mountain, a success story for moderate Islam A view of the Hunza Valley from a mountain in Hunza. Mian Khursheed/For The Washington Post KARIMABAD, Pakistan —Visitors to this stunningly beautiful valley, towered over by five snow-capped mountains, sometimes feel as if they are standing at the edge of the earth…

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The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock Linda Formichelli, ‎Diana Burrell – 2005 – ‎Reference The Hunza king claims they usually come true. On the Chitral side, the area was dominated by the … The. Writer: Paul. Raffaele. I never went to journalism school, instead being trained as a broadcast journalist by the Australian Broadcasting … There’s more to the story. On the Gilgit side, a couple of hours up the mountain is the legendary kingdom of Hunza where people are said to commonly live to 100 or more. The present king still lives there, and I could bring in the angle of some of the world’s hardiest people living in this area, which reflects the tough nature of their favourite sport, polo. They have a Wizard Of Hunza, the latest in a line of powerful shamans who stretch back beyond when Alexander the Great’s troops came here. He performs a prophetic ritual, going into a trance and communing with the queen of the snow fairies who gives him a prophecy. The Hunza king claims they usually come true. This is an excerpt from The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock. It includes a fabulous query for Smithsonian as well as comments from the writer and the assigning editor. Enjoy! [The e-mail contained two more fleshed-out story ideas.] THE WORLD’S MOST EXCITING POLO MATCH ( Taking place July 7-9) This is an adventure story of the highest order, weaving in, briefly, the fascinating history of polo with a suspenseful and enthralling tale of the rough and tumble annual battle between two traditional rivals, tough mountain men and ponies on the roof of…

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