What’s really behind America’s rush to war in Syria?

The horrific images and eyewitness testimony that have emanated from Idlib in the wake of the attack have come from pro-opposition sources. No Western journalist or news crew would dare set foot in Idlib, or indeed any other part of opposition-held territory in Syria, knowing that as soon as they did they would be abducted and slaughtered.

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April 4: The Day in 1979 when the Butcher of Ahmadis & Baloch was executed by the Butcher of Shias & Afghans. #ZulfikarAliBhutto #Pakistan

The Himalayas are still weeping, 38 years since Z A Bhutto’s murder

Assassinated Bhutto said, ‘If I am assassinated Himalayas would weep on my murder’, and once again he wasn’t far from reality. Every suicide bomber that detonates today and leaves behind crying families cry from Hunza to Chitral to FATA, across Pakistan and in Afghanistan, it is the Himalayas who are crying till this day. What else? We lost a gem of a statesman!

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