Gurez Valley: Dard tribe’s last sanctuary and their fight for survival

The onslaught of modernisation and the partition has squeezed the Dard tribe to the remote Gurez valley, where they are struggling to save their Shina language and culture

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The value of Gilgit-Baltistan

The strategic rivalry between the British and the Soviet empires for supremacy in Central Asia was known as ‘the Great Game’. The British wanted to protect their interests in the Subcontinent and in Asia against a possible Russian advance. A Russian officer visited Hunza and signed a treaty. His presence in Hunza was taken as the start of the Great Game. Because of this treaty, Col Algernon Durand was sent to Gilgit to analyse the situation.

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How Tibet Is Being Crushed—While the Dalai Lama Survives: The NYRB China archive

News about self-immolations has been blacked out on the Chinese Internet, while official statements insist that the self-immolators are either insane, selfish, failures, or criminal. Woeser’s own judgement is:

Because no other method is available for Tibetans to voice their protests, and because only the horror of self-immolation is able to capture the attention of the world, it has become the choice of the bravest protesters in Tibet.

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Chinese policy in the South China Sea increasingly focuses on boosting its civilian presence on disputed islands.

China will integrate its national interests in the territorial integrity of its oceans and economic exploitation of marine resources, and gradually form a joint force pooling the resources of the Party, state, military, police, and citizens to safeguard its maritime borders.
These plans are not only on paper; Beijing is already taking real-world steps toward these ends.

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