April 4: The Day in 1979 when the Butcher of Ahmadis & Baloch was executed by the Butcher of Shias & Afghans. #ZulfikarAliBhutto #Pakistan

The Himalayas are still weeping, 38 years since Z A Bhutto’s murder

Assassinated Bhutto said, ‘If I am assassinated Himalayas would weep on my murder’, and once again he wasn’t far from reality. Every suicide bomber that detonates today and leaves behind crying families cry from Hunza to Chitral to FATA, across Pakistan and in Afghanistan, it is the Himalayas who are crying till this day. What else? We lost a gem of a statesman!

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How Tibet Is Being Crushed—While the Dalai Lama Survives: The NYRB China archive

News about self-immolations has been blacked out on the Chinese Internet, while official statements insist that the self-immolators are either insane, selfish, failures, or criminal. Woeser’s own judgement is:

Because no other method is available for Tibetans to voice their protests, and because only the horror of self-immolation is able to capture the attention of the world, it has become the choice of the bravest protesters in Tibet.

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Fighting Trump’s populism with pluralist populism

Anti-intellectual populism rejects advanced, specialized, complicated thought, which is viewed as antithetical to common sense. According to Mark Fisher, Donald Trump is an explicit anti-intellectual
Trump seems to fit Müller’s definition precisely. However, “populism” can have a fourth and much more positive meaning. It can be explicitly and fundamentally pluralist.

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