7 Ways by Which Israel helped Turn Kargil War for India.

Courtesy Hindutva A Blog About Hinduism

indo pak kargil war 1999

Large scale intrusions by Pakistan army into the forward areas of Kargil Dras sector in May 1999 tested India’s ability to quickly adapt and fight a low intensity war with a nuclear armed neighbour, s something that country’s armed forces did so brilliantly with active support from Israel, a country best equipped in border control and fighting limited wars.

  1. Israel was one of the very few countries  that directly helped India during the Kargil War.

Israel helped India during Kargil War_1

  1. When hostilities broke out in the summer of 1999, India was short of mortar and ammunition. Israel proved to be an reliable partner by quickly providing the much needed mortar and ammunition that made the difference on the front lines.

Israel helped India during Kargil War_2

  1. USA (United States of America) and many other countries mounted tremendous pressure on Israel to delay delivery of shipment of arms orders that had been placed before the Kargil intrusions were detected. Israel resisted international pressure and instead speeded up the delivery order

Israel helped India during Kargil War_3

  1. Being a low intensity war and not wanting to risk a full scale war, required tremendous restraint on the part of Indian forces because the military operations had be restricted to the Indian side of Line of Control (LOC). Surveillance and precision bombing material provided by Israel during the height of Kargil War enabled the Indian armed forces to push back the intruding Pakistani army behind behind the LOCIsrael helped India during Kargil War_4
  2. Indian Air Force felt the need for laser guided missiles to support ground operations and Israel was quick to supply them. Indian fighter jets equipped with these hitech bombs hit camouflaged Pakistani bunker targets in the mountains with such precision that the LOC was not violated.Israel helped India during Kargil War_5

  3. From June 1999, the precision strikes by Mirage 2000H fighter planes armed with laser guided bombs neutralized the Pakistani army’s position of sitting at higher positions that eventually turned the battle in India’s favour.Israel helped India during Kargil War_7

  4. The Heron and Searcher Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) provided by Israel gave the Indian ground forces the advantage of better high altitude surveillance with accurate imagery for locating enemy targets.



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