31 swept away as flash floods wreak havoc in Chitral

CHITRAL: At least 31 people were swept away on Sunday as an aftermath of heavy rains and flash floods that inundated Chitral’s Arsoon area, sources said.

31 swept away as flash floods wreak havoc in Chitral

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said that 7 dead bodies have been found and rescue activities are underway to find the rest 24 missing people.

The flash floods damaged a mosque and washed away several houses in the area. According to DC Chitral control room, 37 houses were completely destroyed in Chitral flash floods, while 48 houses have been partially damaged.

The PDMA requested for a helicopter from the National Disaster Management Authority for assistance in rescue activities.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed grief over the loss of human lives and also gave directions to increase rescue activities to evacuate the stranded people in the affected areas.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government also announced aid of 0.3 million per person that will be given to a victim’s relatives.

Relief supplies are being provided to those affected in the flood, which include tents, blankets, and food, the DC Chitral control room stated.

Chitral’s District Nazim Mughfirat Hussain Shah said that it is feared that the number of deaths will increase, adding that women and children both have been among the affected people.

The PDMA has issued a list of some of the missing people. The PDMA also said that severe floods were creating difficulties in rescue activities.

According to rescue sources, the dead body of a child that went missing in a flash flood was found from the Naghar area.

The Swat district and Shangla witnessed intermittent rains, while due to land sliding in Shangla, the road linking to Swat was blocked.


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