Pakistan: Dawood Ibrahim, lone survivor of the massacred class 9 in the Peshawar school attack

Karachi: Peshawar stands shocked and so does Dawood Ibrahim who is alive only because he attended a wedding on Monday night and his alarm did not work in the morning.

As reported by The Express Tribune, Dawood would have been another body in the pile, a plus-one in the death toll of the terrorist attack at the Army Public School on Warsak Road in Peshawar, had it not been for an incredible piece of fortune.

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Fifteen-year-old Dawood, could not wake up on time and had to skip school. He is the only survivor of his school’s ninth grade class. He has now buried six of his closest friends in one day. The shock has rendered him speechless and he is showing no emotion. “Dawood isn’t talking to anyone, he isn’t talking at all,” his elder brother Sufyan Ibrahim said. “He is in judo and is a tough child but he is showing no emotion at all right now. He just attended funerals the entire day. No one from his class survived. Every single one of them was killed.”


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