Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir are constitutional and integral parts of India: Rajnath Singh, Indian Interior Minister November 19, 2014 . Gilgit Baltistan is not a constitutional part of Pakistan: Pervez Rasheed, Pakistani Information Minister November 28, 2014. . About time, both countries stop torturing the people of Gilgit Baltistan..

Remarks of of an Indian on the above statement……..

  • India is not at all torturing GB – I demand for apology for equating ‘good’ India with ‘rogue’ Pakistan – India respects GB…..India can be the fire wall against torturing….and remember, if they try and torture big fish India, these ‘neighbors’ of ours will surely eat up the small fish GB….also note that Tibetans are treated as Indians in India….and this is the country which has become their motherland…

    the war is already going on….when was the war not going on? Pakistan is always at war with India…overt or covert…and India has now decided to respond decisively….India respects GB and people…India has never made the ‘political impasse’ turn into torture….India is there as a fall back mechanism for GB in fact…Seeing torture where it is not is unfortunate…India is never posing as even mild threat….in fact, it is posing as respectful friend….Pl. worry about Pakis and China – do not worry about India…rather bank upon India…


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