There is no point in blaming PMLN for calling Gilgit Baltistan a disputed area. All Pakistani governments as well as the military generals, who control foreign affairs and defence, have remained consistent on this issue. Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira said the same thing when he was the information minister. Even powerful rulers like Ayub, Bhutto, Zia, Benazir and Pervez Musharraf couldn’t change it. . We know things long before we are ready to admit them. And that is why we cling to our denials….

  • The recent statements by a Lawyer and a Federal Minister about the factual legal and constitutional position of Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan has been taken as a surprise mostly by our educated and enlighten youth. Some of them are still in great shock and struggling to prove the statements by lawyer and the Minster as wrong and their wishes and aspirations to be true.
    Most of the youth is probably unaware of the so called ‘principle stance ‘ of GoP on J&K submitted by ZA Bhutto as Foreign Minster that says “Status of no parts of J&K from its position of August 15, 1947 be changed by either party (India and Pakistan) till the final resolution of the core issue as per the wishes of the people of J&K”.
    In reality the official position GoP on GB is as of August 15, 1947 where Ghansara Singh is the Governor and GB is a Province of State of J&K. For Pakistan moving from this position is tantamount to accepting the move of India that has declared J&K as its one of the states in the Union which Pakistan cannot afford as a party in the dispute.
    For details youth must read the land mark decision by Supreme Court of AJK through the Chief Justice (Ret) Ch. Abdul Majeed Malik which is published in a book form. This would bring you out of the current shock and also will prevent from shocks expected in future.

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