A Former Buddhist Kingdom “Ladakh” Reckons With Modernization

THE MOUNTAIN KINGDOM of Ladakh, long known as Little Tibet, was for centuries an important nexus among Central Asian traders who sought pashmina wool shorn from sheep grazing in the high-altitude Changthang region. Under Indian rule, after partition in 1947, Ladakh was caught up in conflicts between India and Pakistan, and later with China.

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How Tibet Is Being Crushed—While the Dalai Lama Survives: The NYRB China archive

News about self-immolations has been blacked out on the Chinese Internet, while official statements insist that the self-immolators are either insane, selfish, failures, or criminal. Woeser’s own judgement is:

Because no other method is available for Tibetans to voice their protests, and because only the horror of self-immolation is able to capture the attention of the world, it has become the choice of the bravest protesters in Tibet.

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