Bahrain: Human rights on the brink of crisis

Bahrain is at boiling point. The hundreds of Bahrainis who have taken to the streets to protest against these shocking executions, which were carried out amid allegations of torture and after unfair trials, have been met with excessive use of force by security forces, as well as an escalation in the ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression,” said Lynn Maalouf.

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Chinese policy in the South China Sea increasingly focuses on boosting its civilian presence on disputed islands.

China will integrate its national interests in the territorial integrity of its oceans and economic exploitation of marine resources, and gradually form a joint force pooling the resources of the Party, state, military, police, and citizens to safeguard its maritime borders.
These plans are not only on paper; Beijing is already taking real-world steps toward these ends.

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The four lenses of the Israel/Palestine conflict

The historical lens is convincing to those who take a broader look at the problem. For Jews, Israel is a legitimate state, created, with Palestine, by a vote of the UN in 1948—a vote which also made Jerusalem an international city. Israel accepted this vote but was rejected and attacked by surrounding Arab nations while the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem urged indigenous Arabs to leave so his forces could wipe out the Jewish population. But for Palestinian Arabs, the historical lens reveals a picture of Europe (including Russia) and the U.S. imposing a foreign political entity into the heart of Arab Muslim territory—repayment, out of guilt, for the Holocaust

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Is Iraqi Kurdistan heading toward civil war?

acting PKK leader Murat Karayilan has recently said that PKK forces are prepared to withdraw from the Yazidi district of Sinjar, it is unlikely that PKK-affiliated groups will depart entirely. Divisions between those that support the KDP and those against it in northern Iraq are also palpable. Concerns have emerged about the possibility of another birakuji, Kurdish civil war.

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